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  • "Brought my bike in for some work they told me everything up front. Found some other problems called me first before going any further. Showed me all the bad parts. Bike ran great no complaints from me.

    Then I wrecked it 2 weeks later. Craig worked with me and the insurance company to help me get thru all my problems. Cant thank him enough will be using him as long as I have a bike.

    Thanks for all your help."

    Overall Rating:
    Mark Almond - Charleston, SC
  • "I recently purchased a Kendon Single Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailer from North Ridge Custom Cycles, and I am VERY happy with the product and the sales experience at NRCC. Purchasing from NRCC was a refreshing change in a time of relatively poor customer service! Craig spent a lot of time with me as I made my decision on a trailer, answering all of my MANY questions (sorry Craig...). Once I made the decision to purchase the Kendon trailer, he was once again great to work with! I had a relatively tight timeline, as I was going to be leaving the state towing my motorcycle with the new trailer, and Tina worked her magic to ensure I received the plate and registration before I had to leave! When I picked up the trailer, Andrew walked me through the operation and details of the trailer to make sure I was comfortable with it. All I can say is fantastic customer service from start to finish!As for the Kendon Single Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailer. To summarize, it is fantastic! I am very glad I chose this trailer. My wife and I pulled it to Indiana with my pickup and the hit on gas mileage was indistinguishable. We pulled the trailer for about 2,000 miles, and I really couldn't believe it, it was like it wasn't even back there. I removed the windshield, bags and pillion backrest and it did great, no drag.What I like/ love:

    The fact that this trailer folds up and stores easily in my garage is great! No need to pay to store it elsewhere to keep the HOA policy happy.

    It pulls very true. Like I said, couldn't even tell it was back there.

    One concern I had about an open trailer of this kind was paint chips on my motorcycle from the truck rear tires. Craig made the point before I purchased that since the motorcycle is so tight to the back of the vehicle and centered, it would likely be less of an issue. Hew was right, 2,000 miles and no chips. Could it happen? Maybe, but I really feel it is unlikely.

    It is low to the ground, so loading a motorcycle is a breeze. Unloading is just as easy. The 3 ramp sections are great for an anxiety-free process.

    It was a cinch to clean and put away after the trip.

    It is very light, I can easily move it in and out of the garage by myself (unloaded of course).

    The tubing construction allows multiple places to use a chain and lock/ alarm to secure the motorcycle while at a hotel and such.What I don't like:

    The center ramp section stores under the folding tail and uses wing nuts to secure it to the bolts welded to the frame. It can be challenging to get the ramp section off the bolts, then in and out. I consider this relatively minor, but it is something I think Kendon should look at changing.

    There are 3 castors that the trailer sits on when standing. They form a wide base triangle. The center caster doesn't pivot like the other 2, so getting the trailer flat against a wall is a little tedious. Again, not a show stopper by any means.I hope this is helpful for anyone else trying to make this same decision! Jeremy BBy: Jeremy Black"

    Overall Rating:
    Jeremy Black - Mount Pleasant, SC
  • "Craig and the staff were awesome, buying a motorcycle was easy and pressure free. They answered all of my questions and I got a great deal! Check them out!"

    Overall Rating:
    Andrew Schwoerer
  • "North Ridge is the jam. Affordable and informative. They do excellent work. I'll be happy to never return to the evil empire."

    Overall Rating:
    Neev Goldkin
  • "Craig and the crew set the standard for customer care and professionalism. They go well beyond the second mile to make sure the job is done correctly. Cannot recommend them highly enough! I had a particularly difficult issue following a job they did and they took full responsibility, even after we determined they had not caused the problem - it was a warranty issue, but they stuck with me until they had gotten it fixed. I trust them!"

    Overall Rating:
    Rick Rogers-Berry
  • "I wish there was a 10th star up there! Not only are they the most reasonably priced mechanics around, my bike (that was only in for the 1K service) runs better now than it did off the showroom floor. I don't know how they do the magic, I'm just glad they do it. They're also good people to boot so it's always a pleasure to see them."

    Overall Rating:
    Lee Sill
  • "Epitome of the most efficient and personable business. Every other shop is irrelevant. Visit North Ridge; you won't be disappointed!"

    Overall Rating:
    Matt Hoyt
  • "Can't say enough good things about these guys. They go above and beyond to treat you right and give you quality work with fair pricing, even with my problem child bike. These guys get my recommendation over they who shall not be named any day. Go here you will not regret it!"

    Overall Rating:
    Jonathan Kime
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