Dyno Tuning: How It Works, How Much It Costs

When making changes to the air cleaner, exhaust or engine, proper fuel management is a must.  At North Ridge Custom Cycles we tune EFI and Carburated motorcycles on our DynoJet Dynamometer.  By tuning your motorcycle from idle to redline at 250 rpm increments, the optimal air to fuel ratio can be attained, allowing your motorcycle to run at peak performance.  

Dyno Tuning available at North Ridge Custom Cycles

To properly tune your bike North Ridge Custom Cycles uses the following:

  • For tuning CV Carbs, NRP uses Dynojet Jet kits, S&S Jets for S&S Carbs, or Mikuni Jets for Mikuni Carbs.
  • For any fuel injected bike, some type of fuel processor is needed to tune your bike and have the motor run at its optimum level of performance.
  • NRP uses DynoJet's Power Commanders to tune your fuel injected bike.
  • Comparative maps to what exhaust, air cleaner, and motor setup you are using or custom maps are obtained by using a Power Commander III or Power Commander V. With a custom map, NRP tunes your bike at 6 throttle positions from 1500 to 6250 RPM, in 250 RPM increments.
  • By doing this, NRP knows your air/fuel ratio is spot on and the motor is tuned to peak performance.

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Dyno Pricing

Diagnostic Fee (Carb or EFI)


Dyno Tuning